The Best Guy RCH ..P197285 - 12/07/2014 - Fêmea - Alazão

Docs Jack Frost

Prissy Cline

Laughing Boy

Casey`s Ladylove

Holland Ease

Corona Chick

Mr Jess Perry

Special Balance

  Sun Frost
Frenchmans Guy
  Frenchmans Lady
Corona Cartel
  Shes Jess Special


Xanthe Miracle TH .P190048 - 13/09/2013 - Macho/Castrado - Tordilho

Easy Six

Miss Assured

Reb's Police

Tinys Delight

First Down Dash

Easy Henryetta

Runaway Winner

Swing Step Sue

  Streakin Six
Dean Miracle
  Our Third Delight
Holland Ease
Easee Veva
  Veva Jean


Xantoo Lights TH P179703 - 01/09/2013 - Macho/Castrado - Castanho

The Signature

Flying Smoothly

Dash For Cash

Dotties Tears

First Down Dash

Easy Henryetta

Easily Smashed

Handy Dancer

  Signed To Fly
Only Dancer VM
  For Tears Only
Holland Ease
Tulip Lights
  Heavenly Smash


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